Dal territorio in tappa

 Stage 2
Primo Piano
09/04/2019 Stage 2
Museum of the "Resistenza"
Located in the Colle del Lys area, it tells of the contribution of the population of the lower Val Susa and the Valli di Lanzo to the Resistance. On the first Sunday of July the massacre of the Parisians with educational activities is remembered.
SP197 - 10070 Viù.
09/04/2019 Stage 2
San Martin's Church (Parrocchiale di San Martino)
It is one of the biggest and oldest churches in the Valla di Lanzo. It is noted for its valuable frescoes, paintings, Baroque furnishings and the neoclassical altar.
Piazza Cibrario, 4 - 10070 Viù.
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