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 Stage 8
Primo Piano
09/04/2019 Stage 8
The Pradis Caves

The caves are located in the heart of the Carnic Pre-Alps at 500 meters above sea level. In the area there are hundreds of caves of karstic origin surrounded by unspoiled nature. The Museum opens on April 22 and brings together the prehistoric archaeological finds found on the site. Pradis di Sotto, Clauzetto.

For more info grottedipradis.it

09/04/2019 Stage 8
Nature reserve of Cellina Gorge

The "old road" between the Barcis and Montereale Valcellina crosses the entire reserve and allows you to admire the canyon carved by the river between Mount Fara and the Altarpiece. It is a suggestive walk, easily passable and open to the public.

For more info parcodolomitifriulane.it

09/04/2019 Stage 8
Archaeological Park of the "Palù of Livenza"

It includes the remains of a human pile-dwelling settlement that lasted about 1000 years. Located between the municipalities of Caneva and Polcenigo, the park is officially included in the list of ancient settlements in the Alps, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011.

For more info palu.incaneva.it

09/04/2019 Stage 8
Museum of the Art of Cutlery
The museum, located in a former factory, explains the ancient and modern techniques of iron working for the creation of knives, the great tradition of Maniago.
Via Maestri del Lavoro 1 - 33085 Maniago (PN).

For more info ecomuseolisaganis.it
09/04/2019 Stage 8
Villa Manin

Built in the sixteenth century, the Villa was inhabited by important historical personalities including Napoleon Bonaparte who in those rooms signed the Treaty of Campoformio in 1797. Restored in the 1960s, it hosts Italian and international exhibitions. Its 8500 square meters of frescoed rooms are joined by historic buildings such as the Sant’Andrea chapel and the eighteen hectares of the English park.
Piazza Manin, SP65, 10 - 33033 Passariano UD.

For more info Villa Manin

09/04/2019 Stage 8
"Toni Pessot" Cycling Museum

It exhibits jerseys, objects and photographs that tell the story of the great champions of Italian and international cycling, including Bartali, Coppi, Binda, Girardengo, Gimondi, Merckz and Maspes.
Via Trieste 51 - 33070 Pordenone. 

For more info Museo Toni Pessot

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