Stage one. A tribute of the Giro to the 100 years of Coppi

Time goes by but cycling is still in love with the myth of Fausto Coppi. Coppi the climber, the conqueror of mountain tops, a true legend of a sport that has been a show of heroism and social liberation for many people.

Coppi the “heron”, Coppi the “Campionissimo”. Born in Castellania, Province of Alessandria, on 15th September 1919. A hundred years ago.

The Giro Rosa Iccrea celebrates this important anniversary with the Stage 1, the Team Time Trial, on 5th July. A short stage (about 18 kms) which will start in Cassano Spinola and ends in Castellania, the hometown of the “Campionissimo”. Officially renamed Castellania Coppi with the approval of the Municipality.

It will be a special debut for the Giro Rosa Iccrea that, passing through the roads of Fausto and his brother Serse, it will cross for one day the several events organized for the occasion. Meetings, photo expositions and readings will be next to the mythical “Ciclostorica”, the vintage race that takes place every year around the hills near Tortona to celebrates the brothers of the Italian Cycling.

The places of Coppi and the homage for the centenary

Murales di Fausto e Serse CoppiCastellania speaks about Coppi. The house where he was born is now a museum where you find his origins and sport feats. A wall painting of Fausto and Serse with a commemorative plaque which has been put last January in Via Paolo da Novi, the street where ther was the butcher shop Merlano, where the young Fausto worked as a shop boy between 1933 and 1939, making deliveries with his first bike.

The first, relevant event will be the stage finish of the men's Giro d'Italia in Novi Ligure on 22nd May, seat of the Museum “Campionissimi” dedicated to Costante Girardengo and Fausto Coppi. Here there will be many events for young people are planned.

The Circolo Lettori di Torino and the Museum AcdB – Alessandria Città della bicicletta are involved in the celebrations. This last will organize, starting from May, a serie of meetings to evoque the feats at the Giro and the life of its champions, to finish with the exposition of the hundredth anniversary, between the 13th September and 5th January 2020.

More events are programmed in Cuneo (Complesso Monumentale di San Francesco) and Tortona (Palazzo Guidobono).

Routes and trails on the hills of Tortona

On the weekend between 7th and 9th June, the Committee “Colli di Coppi” organizes a serie of events on the hills of Coppi (Novi Ligure, Tortona and Castellania) about literature, sport and theatre. These events are organized starting with books dedicated to Fausto Coppi.

The audience and the cycling amateurs are invited to a very special parade. On the 15th September, birthday of Fausto Coppi, six personalities with masks, costumes and standards will ride between Novi Ligure and Tortona to celebrate the “Campionissimo”. A celebration for all the men and women of every age on bike.

The lovers od art can visit the area of Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, author of the famous painting “Il Quarto Stato”. His operas are in different seats in Piedmont: the studio-house in Volpedo (Province of Alessandria), the Civil Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Turin, the Civil Art Gallery of Alessandria and the Art Gallery Cassa di Risparmio in Tortona.

Finally, on there are all the routes for cyclists and amateurs, realized by Regione Piemonte in collaboration with the local Tourist Agencies. More than 140 geomapped routes and trails: 6000 kms, 500 municipalities, 17 Parks and Reserves, more than 100 Dop, Dogc and Igp, 240 accomodationgs for cyclists; Castles and other sites of interest.

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