The energy of women. A special exhibition during the Giro Rosa Iccrea

From sport to culture, through cinema, art and the entertainment world. It is the imaginary "Giro" that will take place in the coming weeks with L'energia delle donne (The energy of women), the itinerant photographic exhibition that will ideally accompany the Giro Rosa Iccrea 2019 with a parallel and surprising storytelling.

L'energia delle donne tells the stories of twenty-three exceptional protagonists, twenty Italians and three foreigners. Twenty-three “free spirits” who bravely broke the "rules” to succed in their lives despite the often male-dominated context.

Their multifaceted personalities are portrayed through the eye of Marcello Geppetti, one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century. One of the first "paparazzi" to understand the potential of the great movie stars between the end of the Fifties and the Seventies, fueling the lively myth of the "Dolce Vita".

The pictures on display, all selected from the immense Geppetti archive, are enriched with biographies edited by photography experts and journalists creating a powerful storytelling that pays tribute to the tenacity and courage of actresses, writers, directors, dancers and singers.

L'energia delle donne will be hosted in a small number of BCC belonging to Gruppo Cooperativo Bancario Iccrea from May to the month of December. Admission to the exhibition is completely free. Guided tours available.

L'energia delle donne is a precious opportunity to discover the unknown side of the divas. It is an ideal thread connecting courageous, free and independent women of all times.

The exhibition calendar will be updated on this website and on the social media profiles of Giro Rosa Iccrea. The first “stage” is in Turin: The energy of women will be set up at the headquarters of Banca Alpi Marittime (Via Lanfranchi 6) from 13 to 17 May.

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