Crediper rides together with the Giro Rosa 2020, the “Ripartenza” Tour

Crediper, the line of personal loans of the BCC CreditoConsumo (Iccrea Group), is a sponsor of the pink jersey of the 31st edition of the Giro Rosa, the cycling competition for female professionals that will take place in Central and Southern Italy from 11 to 19 September. The partnership between the cycling event and the Iccrea world began in 2019, by virtue of sharing the values ??linked to the well-being of the person, attention to the territory, and "living" local communities. In this sense, the spirit of mutual banking - since he was born more than 100 years ago - is to focus on the person, the equalization of opportunities and attention to their community of reference. Crediper, the Iccrea Group brand dedicated to loans to individuals and families that are customers of the 136 Cooperative Credit Banks belonging to the Group, will then cycle together with the jerseys of the Giro Rosa 2020, called the "Ripartenza" tour, along Tuscany, Lazio, Campania and Puglia. The mutual banks involved directly or indirectly in the process are Banca Tema and Banca Centro in Toscana; BCC of Rome and BCC Agropontino in Lazio; BCC Terra di Lavoro, BCC Scafati and Cetara and BCC Gambatesa for Campania.

"Since its establishment, every BCC has been present in its own communities of reference, to promote and support local development - said Savino Bastari, General Manager of BCC CreditoConsumo - and together with the BCCs, we accompany the cyclists in the 2020 Giro with the commitment to promote attention to individuals and families at a complex moment in our economic and social history. We too want to make our contribution to the "Restart", to the return of the country to the streets and to the resumption of its run, but we also know that each Bank of the Group has kept its guard up in recent months and has worked daily to listen to the territory and the needs of those who live and work there".

The Pink Jersey of the Giro Rosa

A jersey, a color, an internationally recognized symbol: this is the "Maglia Rosa" of the Giro Rosa. Since 1988, the year of the first edition of the most important women's cycling stage in the world, any enthusiast who sees the peloton of athletes passing by, focusing on that jersey, can immediately identify which race he is facing. It has been decades since the pink jersey, when worn, identifies the one who leads the general classification of the "Giro Rosa", a race included in the restricted circle of tests of the UCI Women’s World Tour, the multiple-stage world competition, strongly desired by International Cycling Union, which over time has replaced the well-known World Cup. The last athlete to have the privilege of wearing the pink jersey was the two-time time trial world champion and reigning world champion in line Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands), who in 2019 literally dominated the competition of patron Giuseppe Rivolta, preceding compatriot Anna Van der Breggen and young Amanda Spratt (Australia). Annemiek Van Vleuten, with that victory, also repeated the success of 2018. Over the years, the greatest number of pink jerseys went to Fabiana Luperini, "Pantanina", the climber from Pontedera, renamed "our lady of the mountains", the one who has even won five editions of the Giro Rosa (respectively in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2008). In the roll of honor, with three final successes we find the former Swiss professional Nicole Brandli (victorious in 2001, 2003 and 2005) and the Dutch champion, who has made multidisciplinarity her strong point, Marianne Vos (set in 2011, 2012 and 2014), former world champion on track, road and in cyclocross, Olympic champion on track and road and considered by many to be the strongest cyclist of all time.

By setting the discourse in a national key, it is possible to note that Italy, with eight successes (Fabiana Luperini 5, Maria Canins 1, Roberta Bonanomi 1 and Michela Fanini 1), is the nation that has won the highest number of pink jerseys, followed by the Netherlands, which with 6 wins undermines the first position (Marianne Vos 3, Anna Van Der Breggen 2 and Annemiek Van Vleuten 1), and by Switzerland and the United States with three wins each. Finally, we find Spain and Lithuania with two successes. By narrowing the field of observation and analyzing the last nine editions of the “Giro Rosa”, the domination of the Netherlands and the United States of America clearly emerges, which have won six and three pink jerseys respectively.

Great enthusiasm and a touch of emotion in the words of Giuseppe Rivolta, patron of the Giro Rosa, commenting on the presentation of the new symbol of primacy. “The enthusiasm, when presenting a jersey, which has now become an iconic image for the entire international cycling movement, like the pink jersey, is always strong. Today even more. The difficulties that the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic is putting us in front of, make this day and this possibility even more special. The pink jersey is a real symbol, a goal to be achieved, a goal to be cut with raised arms, as desired as it is dreamed of by all those who practice this sport. The pink jersey is often the first image associated with cycling since childhood. This jersey can change an athlete's career. There are now just a few weeks to next September when the strongest athletes in the world, belonging to the best teams of the UCI Women’s World Tour, will compete for this magnificent jersey for nine days, in as many exciting stages, challenging climbs and descents, braving the heat , the cold and the rain. Facing bad days but always finding the courage to get back on the saddle to continue their challenge. How we are doing and how the whole of humanity is doing in these difficult days. The Giro Rosa 2020 will be this and much more. We can not wait. Good luck to all the participants and may the best win".

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