Selle Smp will be alongside the Giro Rosa 2020

It is useless to hide: our society is going through a particularly difficult period. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has besieged the globe this winter, complicates every scenario. Today more than ever it is important to thank those who choose to respond present, those who choose to get involved. In this sense, the words of the Schiavon family are exemplary, who, even in this very complicated context, chose to remain alongside the Giro Rosa for its thirty-first edition with Selle SMP, the renamed sports accessories company founded by Martino Schiavon, in Padua in 1947.

«Also this year we will be the sponsor of the Ciclamino jersey. Not just any shirt. An important jersey that symbolizes speed, power, the ability to sprint». «The sprint is pure courage» - continues Schiavon - «it has its rules, to be respected, and its risks to be minimized. The Ciclamino jersey will be worn by the athlete with the most points in this particular ranking. We, in 2020, are present because we wanted it and we strongly want it. We love this sport and its protagonists, girls who deserve the best because they give their best. This year, to use cycling jargon, he called us to a sprint. A sprint to run respecting all the rules, with tenacity, strength and will. The best way to start again. When you see the Ciclamino jersey, in the peloton, during the nine legs of Patron Rivolta's race, think about this. With courage and confidence».

Selle SMP has always been synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, spirit of initiative, the will to preserve one's origins without however closing oneself to progress and the future, on the contrary, confidently advancing towards new goals. The organization of the Giro Rosa is truly honored by a partner of such quality.
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