After two days of Dutch domination, first the victory of Annemiek Van Vleuten in Arcidosso, then that of Marianne Vos, yesterday, in Assisi, the ''Giro Rosa of the restart '' starts at the fourth stage: the Assisi-Tivoli, 170,3 kilometers. Let's talk about the longest stage of the Giro. After two days of effort, he arrives in Lazio: only one third category GPM in Arrone after 70 kilometers of racing. The altimetry, in reality, is the classic one of the routes in central-southern Italy. The plain must be looked for with a magnifying glass. In fact, the arrival straight towards Tivoli rises constantly.

The Giro Rosa starts from Umbria, in the province of Perugia. Assisi located on the north-western side of Mount Subasio, is the city where St. Francis and Santa Chiara lived and died. Since 2000, the city of Assisi with almost all of the municipal territory has been included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are countless churches and sacred buildings in the area: Cathedral of San Rufino, Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Church of San Pietro and Oratorio dei Pellegrini, among others. A special mention deserves the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi and the Basilica of Santa Chiara. The first is divided into a lower part, where the remains of the saint are kept, and an upper part: in 1754 it was elevated to the patriarchal basilica and papal chapel by Benedetto XIV. The Basilica of Santa Chiara is built in Gothic style and, in the facade, is very reminiscent of the almost contemporary Upper Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi. Among the main events held in the city we remember the '' March for peace Perugia-Assisi''.

The Giro Rosa arrives in Lazio. Municipality of the metropolitan city of Rome Capital, Tivoli occupies the slopes of the Tiburtini mountains. Virgil named the city in the Aeneid with the name of Tibur Superbum. The city is divided into two parts: a new part, in modern architecture and an ancient one in which precious glimpses of the medieval era emerge. Here are some of the most ancient archaeological sites, including the Temple of the Sibyl and the Temple of Vesta. At the gastronomic level, ghiozzi are known, a pasta similar to vermicelli but with a shorter and thicker shape.

In the afternoon the usual afternoon strip within TourReplay on Rai2. At 18:45, however, Raisport will offer you a wide deferred television of the race. For the first time, in 2020, the Giro Rosa is also on RaiPlay.

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