On Tuesday 15 September the Giro rosa 2020 restarts from Terracina with a fraction with unpredictable implications. After the day of the attacks and the solo victory of Elizabeth Banks over Eugenia Bujak and Annemiek Van Vleuten, who thus consolidates her first place in the general classification in front of Katarzyna Niewiadoma and Anna Van Der Breggen, the caravan, which arrived in Lazio, moves at the sea. We leave at 12:00 from Terracina to return after 110 kilometers and two Gpm. The first, in the second category, in Itri, after 50 kilometers of the race, almost halfway through. The second, at the 80th kilometer in Monte San Biagio. From there to the finish the road is still long and, if the teams of the most resistant sprinters find an agreement, there will be no bread for other teeth.

It arrives in the province of Latina with a city located in the Pontine countryside, south of the Circeo Promontory, on the Tyrrhenian coast. In mythological tales of ancient origin, Terracina was identified as the seat of the sorceress Circe. The city is divided into an upper part, of medieval foundation, and a lower part, of Roman style. The upper part of the city is set around the ancient Emilian Forum, home to the Cathedral of San Cesareo and the town hall. For bicycle lovers, an opportunity not to be missed is a ride along Viale Circe, a promenade from which, looking at the horizon, you can see the beautiful promontory where the sorceress Circe herself is said to have lived. Since 1999 Terracina has also been a branch of the University of Cassino. The University of Rome '' La Sapienza '' has established a degree course in '' nursing '' at the Fiorini hospital since 2004. Terracina gave birth, on 24 December 3 BC, to Servius Sulpicius Galba Caesar Augustus, sixth Roman emperor, known with the name of Galba.

Deferred televised on Raisport starting at 5:55 pm. Previously, within TourReplay, on Rai2, the usual afternoon strip dedicated to the Giro Rosa. We remind you that, for the first time this year, the Giro Rosa is also on Raiplay.
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