At 12:00 on Wednesday 16 September the peloton left, ready to face the sixth stage of the Giro Rosa 2020. The starting village gave all the warmth and affection that the Campania public is capable of. The athletes will face, today, 97.5 kilometers to land in Nola-Vulcano Buono; to report a third category mountain grand prix in Sarno and the following flying finish line, after the descent, in Castel San Giorgio. From there the road will continue to rise slightly and then return to descend after passing the 75 kilometer race. Nola's finish line is flat with some stretches of slight slope but this Giro Rosa has taught us well how athletes always know how to surprise us. Testimony is the beautiful fraction of yesterday with the victory of Marianne Vos and with the big names that gave a show. Unchanged the general classification, Annemiek Van Vleuten restarts in pink.

We are located in Campania, in the province of Naples. Torre del Greco is located near the Vesuvius National Park, between the latter and the Gulf of Naples. With its 83987 inhabitants, it is the fourth largest municipality in the region. Giacomo Leopardi wrote '' The broom '' and '' The sunset of the Moon '' during a stay in Torre del Greco, for this reason it boasts the title of '' Leopardian City ''. The villa where Leopardi lived is today a museum with the name of Villa delle Ginestre. The sea that washes the coast of the city is a shining example of the wonder of the waters.

Part of the metropolitan city of Naples, Nola is known with the nickname of '' Bruniana city '', as in 1548 it gave birth to Giordano Bruno, also remembered by a statue made by the sculptor Raffaele De Crescenzo and placed in the center of the square in front of the court. Nola is located in the basin of the former navigable river of the Clanio, between the mountains of Partenio and the hills of Vesuvius. The Cathedral of Nola is very famous, rebuilt in 1900 following a fire. In 2013, a domus ecclesiae was found under the cathedral, the only testimony in Campania. Among the civil architectures, the Orsini Palace, the Episcopal Seminary of Nola and Villa Castelcicala stand out. There is no shortage of archaeological sites: we are talking about the Brick Amphitheater and the Prehistoric Village of Nola. In the month of June in the city the Festa dei Ligli is celebrated, in honor of the patron saint of the city San Paolino: the procession in honor of the Saint sees over one hundred men parading in the center of the town, carrying wooden obelisks on their shoulders.

Wide delayed on Raisport starting at 18:50. We also point out the usual afternoon strip within TourReplay, on Raidue. From this year you can enjoy the Giro Rosa also on Raiplay.
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